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Egypt Media Roundup (October 9)

[The seventh annual [The seventh annual "Memory of October" exhibition organized by the military research body to commemorate the October War. Photo from the official Facebook page of the Spokesperson of the Egyptian Armed Forces.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.] 

Political Rights

Update: Number of arrests in security crackdown on LGBTQ individuals rises to 57 Fifty-seven people have been arrested on charges of “debauchery,” “inciting sexual deviancy” and “joining an outlawed group” amid the continuing security crackdown on Egypt’s LGBTQ community, according to the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights.

Symbols, perversity and the enemy within The current crackdown is but one link in the state’s long chain of “the politics of distraction.” The unprecedented authoritarianism that Egyptians are experiencing at the moment cannot be brushed aside by creating a media frenzy around the existence or the “agenda” of an imagined, so-called, LGBTQ community.

Shawkan: ‘As if’ the state were concerned with the right to communication Mada Masr publishes a translation of a recent article by Photojournalist Mahmoud Abu Zeid, a.k.a. Shawkan.

Tanta Appeals Court extends detention of 9 syndicate leaders Nine Tax Collections Syndicate members, who were arrested in mid-September in relation to a request to hold a protest were denied release and ordered to be held for an additional fifteen days by the Tanta Appeals Court on Tuesday.

Police clash with families of detained Nubian activists, several arrests made A number of Nubian citizens were arrested on Tuesday when police forces clashed with families of Nubian activists detained on protest-related charges, according to lawyer Ahmed Rizk.

Nubian activists go on hunger strike in response to Aswan court’s decision to extend detention of 25 protesters Aswan prosecution began interrogating seven Nubian activists on Wednesday following their arrest late on Tuesday, after protesting the renewal of twenty-five activists’ detention.

Egypt court refers 13 militants death sentences to grand mufti for approval Giza Criminal Court has referred the death sentences of thirteen Agnad Masr militants to the Grand Mufti for approval following their conviction on terrorism-related charges, including killing policemen.

An Overview of the Most Controversial Fatwas in Egypt  In recent weeks, several contentious Fatwas have surfaced on media outlets, resulting in uncertainty in public opinion regarding the validity of these Fatwas. From endorsing necrophilia to claiming that sexual intercourse with animals might not be religiously prohibited, these Fatwas received backlash as well as sparking debates.

Imam Referred to Urgent Trial for Marrying Off 27 Minor Girls  An Imam in Egypt’s al-Mahalla al-Kobra governorate was referred to the administrative prosecution authority, then to an urgent trial, on charges of marrying off at least twenty-seven minor girls.

Population Growth Egypt’s ‘Biggest Challenge’: Prime Minister The rapid growth of Egypt’s population will become the main challenge facing the country, Prime Minister Sherif Ismail said during a speech on the inauguration day of parliament’s third session on Monday.

'Cancelling the Thanaweya Amma system is inevitable': Egypt's education minister Egypt's Minister of Education Tarek Shawky said on Saturday that doing away with the country’s decades-old Thanaweya Amma system is inevitable.

Egyptian air force performs aerial displays to mark 6 October war celebration The Egyptian air force performed a number of aerial displays on Friday to mark the country’s celebration of its victory in the 1973 Arab-Israeli war, known in Egypt as the 6 October war.

Sisi salutes Egyptians in speech commemorating October War Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi gave a short speech commemorating the forty-fourth anniversary of Egypt’s 6 October victory against Israel on Wednesday, saluting the Egyptian people for their sacrifices in maintaining the capabilities of their great nation.


New Smart City to be Built in Aswan Plans for the establishment of an environmentally friendly ‘smart city’ in Egypt’s southern governorate of Aswan were announced on Sunday by governor Magdy Hegazy.

Egypt’s Vacant Housing Units 12.8 Million: CAPMAS Census official data revealed that the total number of vacant housing units in Egypt is 12.8 million units. There are about 4.6 million that are fully constructed while 4.3 million units are still under construction leaving 2.8 million units are closed, as they are due to be occupied.

KarmSolar Signs Largest Ever Private Power Purchase Agreement PPA in Egypt KarmSolar, the Cairo-based solar technology start-up, has signed a deal with Dakahlia Group subsidiaries Dakahlia South Valley Poultry and Dakahlia Wadi al-Natroun Agriculture to provide seventy-five percent energy needs over thirty years.

Egypt Warns of ‘Poisonous Perfume’ Believed To Kill Within 3 Days Egypt’s Ministry of Supply has issued a warning about a poisonous perfume that is allegedly being sold in pharmacies all across the country and leads to death within three days.

Egyptian cabinet dismisses reports of planned hikes in cigarette prices The Egyptian cabinet's Information and Decision Support Center dismissed on Thursday news reports the government is planning to raise cigarette and tobacco prices in order to boost tax revenues.

Foreign Relations

Egypt’s role in Gaza: Putting disagreements aside Efforts to foster inter-Palestinian reconciliation took a significant step forward on Monday as Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, head of the Palestinian Unity Government, arrived in Gaza on Monday to take up administration of the strip, in the presence of Egyptian diplomats and intelligence officials.

Egypt is Your Main Supporter: President Sisi to Palestinians During New Round of Reconciliation Talks The cause of the Palestinian people has always been on top of Egypt’s political agenda, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said in an address through a video link to the Palestinian unity government, which, for the first time in three years, is on a visit to Gaza to restart reconciliation talks.

Hamas-Fatah reconciliation dialogue in Cairo 'to succeed or to succeed': Hamas figure Hamas media official Taher al-Nono said on Friday that the organization is going to the Cairo reconciliation dialogue meeting next week with the option of "to succeed or to succeed.”

Egypt launches 3rd phase of buffer zone construction in Rafah The Egyptian government started demolishing houses and cultivated land in the North Sinai city of Rafah on Wednesday, as it launched the third stage of its plan to construct a buffer zone along the Rafah-Gaza border. The new section is expected to measure 1.5 kilometers.

Egypt's Moshira Khattab eyes position of Africa's first UNESCO director-general Moshira Khattab, acclaimed Egyptian diplomat, human rights advocate and the official nominee for director-general of the United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, is campaigning to be the organization’s first African leader. 

Egyptian FM heads to Paris to support Egyptian candidate's bid for top job at UNESCO Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry travelled to Paris on Thursday to support Moushira Khattab's bid for the post of director-general of UNESCO.

Egypt condemns terrorist attack on Saudi palace that killed two guards Egypt strongly condemned the terrorist attack on security guards at Saudi Arabia's Salam royal palace in Jeddah on Saturday, the Egyptian foreign ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

Egypt among countries who helped foil terrorist attacks in Russia, says FSB head Egypt is among countries to have cooperated with Russia to foil a number of terrorist attacks in the country, Federal Security Service chief Alexander Bortnikov said on Wednesday.

Egypt's Sisi approves security agreement with Germany on combating terrorism, human trafficking Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi approved Saturday a security cooperation agreement with Germany aimed at combating terrorism as well as other crimes.

Germany keen on continued cooperation with Egypt: Merkel tells Sisi Germany is keen on continuing to boost economic relations with Egypt, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi in a phone call on Wednesday, according to statement by the presidency.

Egypt praises US decision overturning two-decades long Sudan sanctions Egypt praised Saturday a US decision to lift sanctions imposed on Sudan for nearly two decades, a statement by the Egyptian foreign ministry read.

Agreement on Russian industrial zone in Port Said to be finalised within months: Egyptian official Head of the Suez Canal Authority Mohab Mamish said in a statement on Wednesday that negotiations between Egypt and Russia on seven billion USD worth of Russian investment in an industrial zone in the East Port Said region have been successful, with a final agreement set be finalized within coming months.

North Korean ship was seized off Egypt with weapons for – Egypt: Report Last August, a bulk freighter named the “Jie Shun” was flying Cambodian colors but had sailed from North Korea with a North Korean crew and an unknown cargo shrouded by heavy tarps, according to a news report on Sunday.

Why US aid to Egypt is never under threat Despite concerns over recent secret arms deal with North Korea and human rights abuses, US aid to Egypt seen continuing.

UAE covers cost of Egyptian lobbying in DC Leaked emails belonging to the United Arab Emirates Ambassador in Washington DC, Youssef al-Otaiba, reveal that the UAE picked up Egypt’s bill for a US-based public relations company hired between 2013 and 2015.

Domestic Security

Militants target Armed Forces’ projects in Sinai, civilians pay the price A year and a half ago, compelled by economic hardships, a twenty-six-year-old heavy truck driver left his job moving shipping containers in the East Port Said Port to transport cement for the military-owned al-Arish Cement Company in North Sinai. Little did he know that the worst was yet to come.

‘Hasm’ Claims Responsibility for Myanmar Embassy Attack in Cairo The Hasm militant group claimed responsibility, on Sunday, for a small explosion targeting the Embassy of Myanmar in Cairo.

14 Hasm militants arrested in Egypt's Menoufiya: Ministry Egypt's interior ministry arrested on Saturday fourteen militants in Menoufiya governorate whom it has identified as members of the militant group Hasm, an official statement by the ministry's media office said.


محاكمة 17 شخصا في مصر مشتبه بانهم مثليون جنسيا  Seventeen individuals were brought before the court on Wednesday over inciting immorality and debauchery charges in a private and closed to the press session, according to a judicial source.

حقوق الإنسان وحرية التعبير في مصر بين الأجهزة الأمنية والإعلام المحرض  The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights issued a press statement to denounce the alarming vicious attacks against civil society and freedoms following the latest state crackdown on LGBTQ people.

البرلمان المصري يتجه لإقرار قانون يعاقب المثليين بالحبس 15 عامًا  The Egyptian parliament is moving to pass a law that punishes homosexuality with ten to fifteen years of imprisonment.

تحليل| لماذا لا يصدر البرلمان قانون «النقابات العمالية» في دور انعقاده الثالث؟  Controversial independent labor unions law is expected to be ratified by the parliament in its third session, as tension continues especially after the postponement of a lawsuit filed by the independent real estate taxation syndicate against the tax authority’s decision to suspend financial and administrative dealings to 22 October.

أزمة كل دور انعقاد برلماني.. عبد العال يتدخل في انتخابات اللجان النوعية  MPs criticized Ali Abdel Aal over interfering in the parliament committees elections, stressing that the electoral process must be carried out in accordance with democratic systems.

سد النهضة.. تخوفات ما بعد التشغيل تزيد معاناة المصريين  The Renaissance Dam continues to raise concerns over its implications on Egypt.

بعد 4 محاولات.. لماذا فشلت استراتيجيات الدولة للحد من الزيادة السكانية؟  The article discusses the failure of government strategies over the past decades to drive down population growth.

مصر وكوريا الشمالية.. علاقات "تاريخية" في مهب الضغوط الدولية  The article examines Egypt-North Korean relations in light of the latest US pressure on Cairo to cut military ties with Pyongyang.

الجوع.. عدو جديد يهدد أهالي رفح  Rafah residents are suffering from a severe food shortage, following the armed forces closure of the main roads leading to the city in August.

في ذكرى أكتوبر.. هكذا عزل نظام السيسي سيناء عن مصر  The article examines the security measures imposed by Sisi’s regime on Sinai.

خبراء لـ«رصد»: لهذه الأسباب تعمد العسكر عدم تعمير سيناء  Analysts discuss the state’s policy to reconstruct and rehabilitate Sinai peninsula and its impacts on Egypt’s economy.

مصر.. بدء تنفيذ المرحلة الثالثة من المنطقة العازلة مع قطاع غزة  Egypt started Wednesday the implementation of the third phase of the buffer zone along Gaza-Sinai border, a local official said.

اعتقال النقابيين المستقلين ما بين فزع الدولة من الاحتجاجات….ومحاولتها للقضاء علي النقابات المستقلة  The article expounds the reasons of the state’s crackdown on independent unions.

تعديل مدة دراسة الطب أولى خطوات إصلاح المنظومة  The Cabinet approved a bill to amend the duration of medical studies to five years in an attempt to accelerate the process of reform of the medical system.

بالمستندات| «المصرية للأدوية» تواجه شبح الإفلاس.. والخسائر 600 مليون جنيه The Egyptian Pharmaceutical Trading Company is facing a catastrophic financial collapse after recording more than 600 million pounds losses this year, according to Albadeel newspaper.

%البنك المركزي يرفع نسبة الاحتياطي الإلزامي على البنوك إلى 14  Egypt’s Central Bank decided to raise obligatory reserve ratio from ten to fourteen percent.

ثلاث خسائر عقب قرار رفع الاحتياطي الإلزامي لـ 14%.. تعرف عليها  The article enumerates the negative impacts of Central Bank’s decision to raise the obligatory reserve rate from ten to fourteen percent.

بدء محاكمة المتهمين في كارثة تصادم قطاري الاسكندرية  The General prosecutor referred six people to Urgent Criminal Court over gross negligence with regards to Alexandria train collision in last August.

»حبس 7 نوبيين 4 أيام لتعاطفهم مع «معتقلي الدفوف  Aswan prosecution imposed detention on remand for four days against seven Nubians accused of illegal gathering and breach of public peace and national security.

بالفيديو- أهالي "مثلث ماسبيرو" لــ"مصراوى": الحكومة بتشتري ملكنا بملاليم  The article interviews Maspero Triangle residents who feel betrayed by the government plan to move them out of the area for unsatisfactory financial compensation.

انتشال جثامين الأقباط المصريين الـ21 ضحايا داعش في سرت  The bodies of twenty-one Copts murdered by Libya’s Islamic State branch in 2015 were found in Sirte, the Libyan Government of National Accord announced. 

Political Economy Project

This page is co-produced with the Political Economy Project​The Political Economy Project (PEP) is an evolving focus of the Arab Studies Institute, with research, pedagogic, and advocacy objectives. Our founding workshop took place in April 2015 at the Arab Studies Institute in Virginia and was followed by several workshops, conferences, research projects, resource building efforts, and other activities. The workshop and preparations for it spawned an initial membership of more than sixty researchers and scholars of political economy from the Middle East and beyond. PEP’s evolving cluster of activities revolve around research, pedagogy, training, network-building, and advocacy. Our network grows through nominations by existing members. A cornerstone of PEP is to provide opportunities and training for students and emerging researchers both from the region and beyond. READ MORE HERE.

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Each year, the Political Economy Project hosts the Political Economy Summer Institute. The goal of the Summer Institute is to foster and support critical scholarship on the political economy of the Middle East and beyond. It brings together faculty leaders and student participants for four days of immersive study. Faculty members lead sessions on themes such as state formation, imperialism, and labor, while students present their research and workshop their papers. To date the Political Economy Project has hosted two summer institutes at George Mason University in 2016 and 2017. More information can be found here.

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The Political Economy Project just closed the doors for our 2017 Middle East Political Economy Book Prize. The book prize aims to recognize and disseminate exceptional critical work on the political economy of the Middle East. While the book must have a political economy theme, we welcome nominations from across academic disciplines. Submissions will be read and judged by a committee drawn from PEP’s membership. Eligible texts must have been published in the year prior, and can be either Arabic or English language. The book must make an original contribution to critical political economy research. The author(s) of the winning book will receive a prize of US$1000 and will be invited to give a talk at a PEP affiliated University. The author(s) will also be interviewed by the Arab Studies Institute’s Audio Magazine, Status/الوضع. For more information, contact us at


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